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Porch Decorating Ideas to Use From Thanksgiving to New Year’s

As we enter the busy holiday season, taking the time to give our porches or entryways a seasonal look both for fall and then again — almost immediately — for winter can feel like a push. This year, save some time by choosing decorations that can easily be transitioned between seasons.

For inspiration, take a look at these nine seasonal decorating ideas. Long-lasting wreaths, potted plants and other entryway arrangements can be put together now, enjoyed through Thanksgiving and then easily transitioned for a wintery look to take you through the holidays.

1. Invest in Evergreens

Potted evergreens — like boxwood, privet or yew — look great year-round and can stand alone or act as a backdrop for seasonal ingredients. For fall, place a few white, orange or gray pumpkins on the ground near the base of the containers.

When you’re ready to transition to winter, swap pumpkins for two sets of white string lights to wrap around the evergreens. Or, keep it simple and let the evergreens stand alone, as was done for this boxwood topiary pair by Molly Wood Garden Design.

2. Choose a Wreath That Can Bridge Seasons

Whether you make your own wreath or purchase one, look for a wreath that is largely made up of evergreen — but not coniferous — foliage. Fir and pine feel too wintery for fall, while evergreens like preserved boxwood, silvery eucalyptus or bronze magnolia can easily work for both seasons.

3. Layer Seasonal Elements

Another way to style your porch for seasonal transition is to start with many layered elements — like potted plants, a wreath, pumpkins or lanterns — and then edit down as the season shifts from fall to winter.

4. Choose a Theme That Works for Fall and Winter

Alternatively, instead of editing as you go, decorate once with a display that spans multiple seasons. “Containers are a great way to express your style and set the tone for holiday festivities,” says interior designer Hunter Margolf, who designed this glamorous entry for a Colorado home using cold-hardy plants, cut evergreen branches and dried materials like seeded eucalyptus and redtwig dogwood. The combination of purple, green and gold works for both fall and winter.

5. Go Modern and Minimal

For a more pared-down look that’s still festive, stick with one seasonal item that can work for both fall and winter. For this contemporary home in Vancouver, a bright wreath of preserved berries does the trick. Other ideas to try: an evergreen boxwood wreath, a large floor lantern placed by the front door or a stack of birch wood with decorative white bark.

Tell us: How are you decorating your porch for fall and winter? Show us in the Comments.


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