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How to Create a Luxe, Minimalist Hotel Bathroom at Home

Create a modern sanctuary of cleansing and calm using these tips from GROHE

You’ve seen them in swanky hotels, whether in a magazine or in person: sleek, high-end contemporary bathrooms. Luxuriating in one — with its glossy surfaces, sculptural fixtures and well-curated amenities — can be a transformative experience. Nothing is overwrought or cluttered, all with the intent to soothe and relax. While you can’t always slip away to a five-star hotel to enjoy this bathing experience, you can create a beautiful, contemporary bathroom at home.

Embrace Negative Space

Take an uncluttered approach to your bathroom design and give each element room to breathe. The spaces you leave open are just as important as the ones you fill. How you wield the power of negative space has a profound impact on the ambiance of your bathroom. Imagine, for instance, a space brimming with knickknacks, shelving and magazines, without a blank spot on the wall. Now think of one with just a few well-appointed details. The second room is more likely to convey a calming vibe.

Embrace negative space in your bathroom using a floating vanity, wall-mounted toilet, freestanding tub and glass shower surround, as seen here. This design strategy gives the eye a respite and pulls the elements that made the cut — such as the chrome shower head — into sharper relief. It’s a pillar of minimalistic design and key to creating a harmonious space. The bathroom’s unassuming artwork, large windows and simple mirrors enhance the effect.

Focus on Shape

Minimalist doesn’t have to mean boring — far from it. One of the easiest ways to inject panache into a pared-down space is by focusing on shape. As mentioned earlier, the minimalist aesthetic lends itself well to celebrating each element. Take, for instance, the architectural tub filler seen here. Breaking from tradition, it eschews elaborate details in favor of two strong geometric structures: a cylindrical base paired with a rectangular spout.

You can also play with the shape of your furnishings and decor, taking inspiration from art, architecture and the great outdoors. Vanities offer undulating lines, crisp cubism and eye-catching vessel sinks and faucets. Freestanding tubs come in an array of sculptural styles with thin profiles that meld form and function — who doesn’t like a curved shape that doubles as a backrest? Consider backlit circular mirrors and artsy accent lighting as well.

Pare Down Your Palette

Opt for a curated color scheme to create a restful, tasteful environment. If you’re not sure where to begin, choose one main color and then go a shade or two lighter or darker for the accent hues. Monochromatic palettes are refined and simpler to create than choosing from a rainbow of options.

The bathroom in these photos is done in grayscale, with light gray floors and walls taking the dominant position. The white vanity, seen here, and bathtub complement the grays, as do the black decor, stool and chair. Chrome fixturesprovide some sparkle, and pops of dark chartreuse add color. The colorful elements — in the form of towels, a soap dispenser and a vase — are easy to swap out, while the more permanent ones are done in timeless neutrals.

Use Contrasting Textures

Another way to bring more visual interest to a minimalist bathroom is to incorporate a variety of textures. Juxtapose a smooth solid-surface vanity and chrome faucets, for example, with a nubby rug, subtly distressed concrete walls and waffle-weave towels, as seen here. Placing these elements in close proximity brings more visual weight to them. The smooth pieces seem smoother, the textured ones more tactile.

Need ideas? Turn to nature. Give your space a clean, organic feel by using hand-scraped wood, polished natural stone, greenery and natural-fiber textiles. A mix of textures also brings warmth to a space, helping you avoid the clinical feel that can be associated with minimalism. Try keeping your textures to two or three types to maintain a streamlined look.

Use these design tips to curate a sophisticated contemporary bathroom all your own — no room key required (but fluffy bathrobe recommended).

More: To learn more about GROHE and its array of bathroom fixtures, visit the company’s website.

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