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10 Kitchens That Nail Red, White and Blue

In honor of Independence Day, check out these kitchens rocking a patriotic color palette

1. Low-Key Approach

If the idea of a kitchen sporting a red, white and blue color scheme seems over the top, let this Atlanta kitchen ease your concerns. The white Shaker cabinets teamed with a jewel-toned blue island and trio of red stools strike an ideal balance.

2. Serving Up Style

With just one wall of cabinets painted red and the others kept white, this Seattle kitchen doesn’t overpower the senses. The collection of blue-and-white plates on the back wall completes the patriotic scene.

3. Floor-to-Ceiling Flair

From the checkerboard tile floor to the buffalo check wallpapered ceiling, this farmhouse kitchen in New York fully embraces its red, white and blue palette.

4. Modern Marvel

Just in case you thought that a red, white and blue scheme works only in more traditional spaces, this modern kitchen in Israel proves otherwise. The red back-painted glass backsplash and light blue back-painted glass island work well with the white streamlined cabinets.

5. Slice of Americana

The real brick pavers covering the backsplash and area behind the antique dish rack in this Houston kitchen add plenty of character, but it’s the Americana-inspired island that earns the biggest salute.

6. Retro Radiance

If retro is more your style, let this 1950s nostalgic kitchen in Philadelphia show you how to rock red, white and blue. The teal retro appliances and the red door and bar stools are grounded by the white cabinets.

7. Post-and-Beam Beauty

The white beams on this coastal-style kitchen’s ceiling pop against the blue paint, while the red upholstered seats on the counter stools help to draw your eyes back down.

8. Farmhouse Pride

The green-and-purple checkerboard floor in this Los Angeles kitchen is so bold that you might not even notice the light blue Lacanche gas range, red painted island and white cabinets.

9. Sophisticated Splendor

The red upholstered dining chairs and deep blue painted island and cabinets are so rich and sophisticated, they almost blend in with the dark wood cabinets. But if you include the white walls and farmhouse sink, this Phoenix kitchen indeed boass a patriotic palette.

10. Subtle Splash of Red

This coastal-inspired kitchen in Newark, New Jersey, showcases plenty of blue and white, but it’s the splashes of red in the throw pillow and ceramic jar that achieve that Fourth of July splendor.

Bryan Anthony July 4, 2017

Houzz Editorial Staff; writer, design enthusiast, reader, avid traveler.


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