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9 Practical Ideas From Summer 2020’s Most Popular Laundry Rooms by Becky Harris

This Trending Now story features the most-saved laundry room photos uploaded to Houzz in summer 2020.

The “room” in laundry room isn’t always accurate. Many laundry areas occupy niches off hallways and back entryways, former closets and other converted spaces. But no matter where you choose to put your laundry area, smart design choices will maximize its function. A look at the most popular laundry room photos uploaded to Houzz in summer 2020 reveal many ideas for creating hardworking spaces in various layouts.

1. Shelves Sized for Laundry Baskets

For this white-and-wood laundry niche in New Zealand, JBH Building integrated open shelves specifically sized to fit standard laundry baskets, which maximizes function in the compact space.

2. Countertops Over the Washer and Dryer

Wherever you stand on the debate about front loaders versus top loaders, it’s hard to deny the benefit of being able to add a counter over front loaders for sorting, folding and placing laundry baskets. This is especially useful in a small laundry area where extra space might not be available for a separate countertop.

For the Australia beach house laundry area shown here, by ABI Interiors, a warm wood counter coordinates with wood and cane-weave upper cabinets and provides a warm counterpoint to white walls, backsplash and lower cabinets.

3. Natural Light

This sophisticated Southern California laundry room by Denise Morrison Interiors has a beautiful trio of casement windows that bathe the room in natural light. When planning a laundry room renovation, try to find a way to incorporate natural light whenever

possible. If your space doesn’t have any exterior walls for a window, consider a skylight or solar tube.

4. Task Lighting

Make sure your laundry area has ample artificial light as well. During the day, a glass door brings natural light into this Auckland, New Zealand, laundry space by Cube Dentro. But at night, ceiling lights and undercabinet lighting illuminate the countertops, making it easy to spot clothing stains or read the laundering instruction tags.

5. Mudroom-Laundry Room Combos

A combination laundry area and mudroom is a convenient setup for households that see a lot of muddy clothes and sports uniforms. Dirty clothes can go straight into the wash and cabinetry can corral dirty boots and equipment.

Pros at Kitchen Vitality Design combined both functions in this Charlotte, North Carolina, home. A stone tile floor in a herringbone pattern adds durability and style. And the dark gray cabinet color can conceal dirt and scuff marks.

6. Utility Sinks

A deep sink benefits a laundry room in many ways. It can be used for soaking stained items, handwashing delicates, even working on a tough stain on a shoe. Pros at Home at 2 Design added a deep, wide sink to this Providence, Rhode Island, laundry room. Open shelves, a hanging rod and a rolling hamper provide additional function.

7. Hanging Rods

A hanging rod is a practical way to air-dry clothes in a laundry area. But consider using a rod in a finish that coordinates with other finishes in your space. In this Los Angeles laundry room, Amy Lind Interiors hung a lovely brass clothing rod that beautifully complements the brass faucet and cabinet hardware.

8. Skirted Machines

In this stylish Los Angeles garage conversion, the laundry area sits open to a lounge and workroom. The pros at New Generation Home Improvements camouflaged the washer and dryer by skirting them in a pretty textile so the appliances are out of sight, which puts the task of laundry out of mind when the homeowners are hanging out.

9. Whimsical Details

If you have a dedicated room for laundry, consider taking the opportunity to create something fun and uplifting. These San Francisco Bay Area homeowners are animal lovers, so Cathie Hong Interiors hung a whimsical cat wallpaper in their laundry room.


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